Mid-term Environmental Assessment of Forest Protection Project

Đăng vào 28/06/2018
Within the framework of the international cooperation program, the Quang Ngai Cooperative Alliance, in collaboration with the Savotta Forest Management Association of Finland, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry held a mid-term review workshop on the project. Organizing forest planters in central Vietnam in Quang Ngai. Participants were representatives from the leaders of the provincial people's committee, project expert from Finland, PEFC International Forest Certification Organization in Asia.

After more than 1 year of implementation of the project in two cooperatives: Hanh Dung (Nghia Hanh) and Tho Trung (Son Tinh) with more than 581 afforestation households involved on an area of ​​over 947 ha of plantation forest, of which 46 Households register to participate in the implementation of sustainable forest management model to grant forest certification on 245 ha of concentrated area. The project has implemented five components, including capacity building, institutional development, forestry production improvement, forest business development, forest certification promotion; 18 activities on sustainable forest management awareness for farmers, workshop on forest certification, key farmer training, forestry extension training, silviculture, management skills forest management, nursery technology; 2 models of forest seedling nursery; 2 models of thinning forest plantation; Establish forest database, develop cooperative forestry business development plan, household forest management plan, equip the means for business of forestry development in the cooperative. ...


Project expert examines the model of                                  Project expert examines the parent

thinning care at the Tho Trung Cooperative                    garden model at Hanh Dung Cooperative



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